The Peace Walk Is Back–and Now with a Festival!

In May 2021 and 2022, a new tradition began in Glendale–the Martin Luther King Jr. PeaceWalk! This year, the tradition moves to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16, 2023.

Through the tireless work of many of our residents, we have made a lot of progress in making Glendale a city where everyone is welcome! We want to continue that work and find moments when the city can come together as a community to celebrate our common bonds. 

This year we are adding a new element to this great community event! After we conclude our walk, we will have a community festival featuring music, speakers and local food vendors. A number of the vendors are locally owned businesses from various minority and underrepresented groups. Also, year’s walk route will entirely be in downtown Glendale. 

You can plan to attend by yourself, with members of your family, alongside colleagues from your office, with fellow club members or as part of a sponsoring nonprofit, business or congregation. You are encouraged to wear clothing and make signs that speak to the values of Dr. King. And children of all ages are more than welcome.

Location and Schedule

This year, we will gather at the Glendale Civic Center at the corner of Broadway and Isabel. After our kickoff rally, we will walk on a route through downtown Glendale and return to Glendale Civic Center for the festival celebration featuring music, speakers and food!

  • 10am: Gather for PeaceWalk at Glendale Civic Center
  • 10:30am: PeaceWalk Kickoff Rally
  • 11:00am: PeaceWalk Begins
  • 11:45am: PeaceWalk Arrives back at Glendale Civic Center
  • 12pm: PeaceWalk Festival Begins
  • 2pm: PeaceWalk Festival Concludes