Help Start a New Movement for Justice and Peace in Glendale

Originally scheduled for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Peace Walk will now take place at 2:00p on May 23.

Modeled on similar events around the country, Glendale’s Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Walk will be a moving witness to our passion to continue Dr. King’s work of justice right here in our city until every resident has peace, security and stability. 

The walk will be a time of inspiration and hope where children, teens and adults young and old can speak to the ideals of Dr. King.  Bringing positive messages through the clothes you wear or the signs you make will make this a very festive time.

Social distancing, facemasks and hand hygiene are essential for this event.  Your pandemic protective practices will be an expression in the spirit of Dr. King’s mission of love.  

Walk participants will gather in the parking lot of YWCA Glendale between 1:30 and 2:00p and follow a route south on Glendale Ave. to west on Broadway where it will pass Glendale City Hall, the Superior Court of Glendale and Glendale Police headquarters.  It will then head north on Jackson St. past Glendale Unified School District offices and then travel down California Ave to Glendale City Church where an artistic and uplifting outdoor celebration will conclude the afternoon by 4:00p.  

Sponsor the Peace Walk

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